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Open it. Since you don't have a gui yet, you can use nano in your command line: nano .xinitrc. Add this: exec startxfce4. Ctrl+o to save, then Ctrl+x to quit. Now in the command line, you can use startx. And that should be it. The command startx will run the commands in the .xinitrc file.

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Re: Linux guest - X fails at login. by Perryg » 16. May 2016, 01:54. Post the guests log file ( as an attachment ) of one of the failing machines. Right click on the guest in the Main Manager then click show log. Save and post as an attachment. Compress if it is too large to post.Note that if your user is already running a gnome session (say, on the monitor) then you will be unable to start another gnome session. (According to this thread.) If you want the desktop you see on the monitor to be available over vnc, then you'll need to configure the X "vnc" module included in the vnc-server centos package.

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Workarounds: (a) Install xorg on already installed/running system (i.e. "pacman -S xorg xorg-xinint" not in arch-chroot). The hook succeeds and the problem is gone - startx works. (b) Manually run "systemctl daemon-reload" on a system which is already installed/running.Jun 14, 2007 · No OS is 100 percent foolproof. Eventually, even Linux may not boot one day when you want it to. Jack Wallen shows some of the strategies you can take when your Linux workstation fails to start ...

Release 32990. If I try to start a GNOME on Wayland session, it spends 20 seconds thrashing the logs with: ... gnome-shell[578]: failed to bind to /tmp/.X11-unix/X4840171: No such file or directory...